Instructions for Authors of Japanese Journal of Cancer and Chemotherapy (English)

This “Instructions for Authors” is for foreign born authors whose primary
language is not Japanese.

◆Scope and Acceptance Criteria:

The Journal is devoted to the publication of original manuscripts (i.e., those that have not been published previously, except in abstract form) that contribute to the progress and development of pre-clinical and clinical aspects of oncology and chemotherapy.

The author should consider the following provisions for submission:

  1. Full-length articles written in the style of originals, case studies and short communications are accepted. General remarks, special topics and serial articles on technical innovations of said subjects are primarily requested by the editorial board of the Journal.
  2. An acceptance of manuscript for the publication is solely examined and judged on the content, style, length, tables and figures by the Journal editorial board members. The author should cooperate promptly with the Journal editorial staff in the work associated with addition, subtraction and/or change in the manuscript. We will promptly return the manuscript that was rejected for publication.
  3. In case of clinical tests(including therapies), please refer Zelen's “Guidelines for publishing papers on cancer clinical trials: Responsibilities of editors and authors, J Clin Oncol 1: 164-169, 1983, ”and Simon and Wittes's“Methodologic guidelines for reports of clinical trials, Cancer Treat Rep 69:1-3, 1985”.
  4. In case of clinical studies, please refer to the Declaration of Helsinki describing international guidelines of animal test for medical and biological research.
  5. For articles related to anti-tumor effects, please refer to The Japanese Society of Clinical Oncology, WHO and NCI for its acceptance criteria.
  6. Publication of article will be based on the acceptance date of manuscript.
  7. A charge is due for a special publication of the article requested by the author. Please ask for the editorial staff for details.
  8. Copyright on all published articles will be held by the publisher, Cancer and Chemotherapy Publishers, Co..
  9. Upon submission of your article to the Journal, please ensure that all patients ' details are kept anonymous.

◆Writing instructions:

  1. Manuscripts including clinical studies and clinical tests must be submitted in English, type written and double-spaced with margins of at least 25mm on A-4 size paper. The total manuscript length should be limited to approximately 4,000 words including the text, figures, tables, references and drawings.
  2. The text should begin with an introduction and end with a conclusion.
  3. Headings should be numbered as follows: I...., 1...., 1)...., a....
  4. Use Arabic numerals. Standard CGS units are to be used, for example: m, cm, mL, dL, L, kg, g, and mg.
  5. The therapeutic drug name in a title page should be of generic name usage.
  6. Photocopies are often inadequate for proper editorial evaluation and may cause delays in editorial handling. An overlay should be provided showing which area of the photograph requires greatest definition, and scale bars should be provided on the photograph. The preferred size for prints is 12.5×17.5cm (5×7 inches).
  7. Color illustrations will be charged to the author; the cost will be given upon request.
  8. Title page(page 1)should carry: (a)the title of the article; (b)name(s)of author(s); (c)institution where the work was done(indicate which author is which department);
    (d)any foot notes to these items; (e)a short title of no more than 45 letters and
    spaces. The second page(page 2)should have an abstract of no more than 200 words, followed by about three to five (3-5) key words or terms for indexing purposes.
    Attach a written mutual consent with signatures of the author and coauthors upon submission of your manuscript.
  9. Please note that a violation of writing instructions results in a rejection of the manuscript.
  10. In case of multiple authors, list up to 20 names at the title page of the article.
  11. Figures should add explanations so that they can be understandable without reading the text.


  1. References are to be cited in the text by number and numbered on the upper shoulder in the order in which they are cited.
  2. The reference section should be double spaced at the end of the text, following the sample formats given below.
  3. For a Journal:

    Reference number)Author name: title, the name of journal. Volume: page-page, publication year.

    For a single book:

    Reference number)Author name: title of the book, the number of edition, name of the publisher, publisher's address, publication year, page-page.
    Reference number)Author name: title of the article, name of the book, the number of edition, name of the publisher, publisher's address, publication year, page-page.
    1) Ono M, Sakamoto M, Ino Y, et al : Cancer Cell Morphology at the Invasive Front and Expression of Cell Adhesion Related Carbohydrate in the Primary Lesion of Patients with Colorectal Carcinoma with Liver Metastasis. Cancer 78(6): 1179-1186, 1996.

  4. If both volume(since the year publication started)and number(in the month of the year)are mentioned, the volume pages should be used as reference pages.
  5. Provide all authors' names when fewer than four; when four or more, list the first three and add et al.
  6. Follow the list of abbreviations given in Index Medicus or other standard sources.

◆Address for contributions, Proofs and reprints:

  1. Provide the name of the author to whom correspondence, reprint requests, and proof should be sent, with complete address and telephone and fax numbers.
  2. Enclose the manuscript on a USB memory or a compact disc in text format describing its software and what kind of machine used. In addition, a hard copy of two (2)manuscripts must be submitted.
  3. Send manuscripts to Editorial Office at:
    Cancer and Chemotherapy Publishers, Co.
    2-2-3 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027, Japan
  4. A proofreading by the author will be limited to once and it has to be returned within 6 days of receipt.
  5. Accepted manuscripts will not be returned. However, pictures, figures and floppy disks could be returned on request.
  6. The author must obtain permission whenever it is required in conjunction with the reproduction of material such as figures and table from copyrighted material. Written permission must be obtained from the publisher of the journal or book concerned. The publication from which a figure or table is taken must be listed in the reference list. Finally,
    a footnote of a reprinted table, or of the legend of a reprinted figure should read,
    “reprinted by permission from Jones et al.”and list the appropriate reference.
  7. A copy of the Journal will be presented to the principal author or a proofreader.
  8. Additional reprints are available at the author's expense.